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Monday, April 4, 2011

Introducing the iBerry Tablet Device with Built-in Keypad?

With all the buzz about iPads and legal apps being used in law firms, combined with the solid history of BlackBerry devices used by firms for many years (I remember getting one of the first ones when I was with Brobeck), I wonder if someone will complete the prophetic projections written about the “DynaBook” back in 1972, by Alan C. Kay (see A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages).
There has been speculation as to whether this might have been inspirational in the development of the iPad, and consequently, other tablet devices. Looking at the image, it features a “real” keypad, which could bring back the “touch” to touch-typing, although the article mentions perhaps incorporating it into the display. It is certainly a bit slower to draft a letter when you have to “watch” what you’re typing. The “feel” of the keys enables one to watch the document being drafted, rather than reverting to an advanced version of “hunt-and-peck” typing.

Armed with the knowledge we have today, reading this article is very interesting, perhaps like watching futuristic sci-fi movies of the 1950’s.

Actually, maybe someone will come out with a tablet device that has the large screen with a slide-out keypad, in a similar manner (but larger) as some phones do now? Maybe I will get credit for the idea? (not likely)

Until then, for portability, I’ll use my iPad, but for high-intensity typing-related work, I’ll stick with my trusty laptop.

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