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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trial Technology and Litigation Support Podcast

“You’re tuned in to the Trial Technology and Litigation Support Podcast. Sit back and enjoy interviews with industry leaders as we discuss everything from new trends to old war stories.”

That’s the intro for the new podcast series by Robb Helt and Josh Coller. Although I was a bit hesitant to give it a listen (mostly because I’ve been extremely busy in trial), once I did, I couldn’t get enough. Although I think I still prefer the speed of reading over listening, you could do this in your car, plus you really feel “connected” to the presenters. Previous programs have featured Eric Pubentz, Amy Singer, Suann Ingle and Rob Rosenberg, among other noteworthy professionals. Robb recently hooked me into a session as well.

The podcast format is completely unrehearsed, and can lead to some interesting topics. Amy, what did you just say? Loved it! I’ll move on. Robb has been a great promoter of our professions for many years, and has demonstrated a real desire to contribute to the industry in many ways. I would encourage you to check it out soon!

I received an email this morning from Bill Roach of ExhibitView, offering their complete suite of litigation support software (valued at $837) for just $399. Now that’s pretty good, and ExhibitView and TranscriptPro are certainly worth that, plus this includes their iPad app. Then, I got a personal email from him, offering readers of my blog and the Trial Technology group on LinkedIn the same suite, including full support for one year for just $99. After that, the annual rate remains at $99 (regularly $149). Here’s the note from Bill:

Here is our complete suite of products for one low price and one low annual fee. This offer is good through July. The complete list of products below can be yours for only $99. complete, including one year of support and training. After that, the annual fee is only $99.00 to keep you up to date and continue your total support.
  1. ExhibitView 5 PC -Trial Presentation Software. In a word, Effective. Organize your exhibits in folders, single click to present with useful annotation tools. Our integrated SlideMaker lets you create opening and closing in minutes. Modern and intuitive interface.
  2. TranscriptPro 2 PC -Complete and powerful transcript tools. Create deposition summaries with one click. Edit Synchronized Transcripts with ease and export individual clips or merge them together for a complete video ready for trial or mediation. 2 click access to every deposition you have ever taken from our Manager screen. Integrated Word Processor keeping you from having to copy and paste from one program to another. Create expert witness repositories for legal research.
  3. iPad app. -Our powerful iPad app is great for any presentation. Compact and feature filled. Exclusive collapsing library allows use of the complete iPad screen. Only ExhibitView iPad gives you that!
  4. All 3 would cost you 837.00 today at our website. You can get all this for $99.00 because we want to help you succeed and earn your business.
See more about any of these products on our website. You can set up a demo on our website too!

Once you decide "Yes, I want the deal", just click on THIS EXCLUSIVE LINK (you won't find this link on the website). You can request online training anytime for free. Money back guarantee. So, why procrastinate? Get it together NOW for when you need it later!

Questions? Call me anytime, 706-622-3305

All the best,

Bill Roach, Partner
ExhibitView Solutions, LLC

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