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Monday, May 23, 2011

Reading About iPad and iPhone on Windows and Macintosh

I enjoyed seeing the cross-section of readers shared today on Jeff Richardson’s iPhone JD Blog, Increase in iPad visitors over the past year,  and Josh Barrett’s Tablet Legal, iPad Web Traffic Share at TabletLegal – 1 Year Later.

iPhone JD covers a variety of topics, primarily centered around the iPhone and iPad, and features some of the best lists and reviews available. When I recently purchased a stylus, I went straight to iPhone JD to get the scoop (purchased the Kensington).

Tablet Legal is a also a great source of iPad app reviews and in-depth how-to articles. I’ve learned some great tips and tricks for the iPad here. Barrett generally allows comments, which have in themselves, been “entertaining” at times.

Richardson and Barrett also joined forces at the 2011 ABA Techshow, to present ABA Techshow: 60 Apps in 60 Minutes.

Although I’ve reviewed a number of iPad apps here on the Court Technology and Trial Presentation blog, the info found here is more generically related to law and technology, as opposed to having a specific focus on the iPhone or iPad. I didn’t participate in this comparison previously, since I wrote my first iPad app review late last year, Apples to Apples: Two iPad Apps for Trial Presentation - TrialPad v. Evidence (which holds the #1 all-time most popular article position on this blog).

I will compare the last 30 days of all three sites here. Windows users are solidly at the top of all three blogs, followed by the Mac OS. The next few rows are also interesting, showing the iPad and iPhone viewers, faithfully aligned with the most likely blog.

iPhone JD
Tablet Legal
Court Technology
Windows  52.98 %
Windows  45.61%
Windows  73%
Macintosh  21.80 %
Macintosh  25.48%
Macintosh  13%
iPhone  14.98 %
iPad  23.73%
iPad  7%
iPad  7.82 %
iPhone  3.59%
Other Unix  2%
Android  0.84 %
Everything Else  1.59%
iPhone 1%
Linux  0.57 %

Everything Else  4%
iPod  0.43 %

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