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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Another Hawaii Sunset

© 2013 Ted Brooks

It can be easy to take things for granted. For example, our recent vacation in Maui forced us to endure day after day of stunning sunsets. We even began to comment each evening about "just another boring, beautiful sunset." Of course we were kidding, but some were clearly better than others. However, even the worst of them was still a stunning sunset in Paradise, which is nothing short of awesome. The photo above was my favorite (or at least my best picture of them), and we did appreciate each and every one.

The Recorder's Best of 2013 has just been published, and Litigation-Tech has once again been named as one of the Best Courtroom Presentation Providers. We are truly honored and appreciative of this distinction, setting us at the upper level of our profession. Yes, we have won other awards, and are extremely grateful and proud of each one. Like a beautiful Hawaiian sunset, it is something we will never take for granted. 

Even more importantly, we do not take any case or client for granted. While it could be easy to view some cases as "just another (fill in the blank) trial," the truth is that to the parties in the matter, it is likely one of the most important events in their life or business -- whether it is a high-profile trial, high-dollar matter, or even a relatively small case. That is why it is critical to exceed expectations whenever possible, and to engage with the same level of commitment as if it were your own case going to trial.

Regardless of which Courtroom Presentation Provider you choose for your next matter, make sure they really appreciate the value of each and every sunset.