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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Best Resource for Trial Presentation

What is the Best Resource for Trial Presentation? While I’d love to simply suggest something like “just call Litigation-Tech,” that might be overstating just a bit. It might be the right response in many cases, but searching for resources or information about trial presentation is dependent on the type of result desired.

The “W” words should come into play here: What, Why, Who, When, and Where? Are you an attorney in search of a proven and reputable vendor to assist with an upcoming matter, or a paralegal looking for some insight on the right projector and best trial presentation software available? Maybe you’re just interested in exploring the general landscape – gathering info on what’s going on and who is involved. With a setup like that, it may seem like there is no single right answer. The good news is that I believe there is an excellent answer, and that resource may be found by joining over 4000 others on the Trial Technology group on LinkedIn.

The group is made up of a wide range of legal professionals from law firms, government offices, and companies of all shapes and sizes, including attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, graphic designers, videographers, court reporters, and even some professional trial presentation consultants. This is by far the largest group anywhere with a primary focus on trials and the technology that supports them.

While the actual scope of group discussions can be broad, the fact that “trial” connects with so many at some point is probably one of the reasons this group is so successful.

A recent poll on the group asked “What do you like best about this group?” The most popular response shows that it is an excellent resource of relevant articles, and a good place to ask and answer questions. So regardless of your specific level of trial technology interest, the Trial Technology group on LinkedIn is an excellent place to begin your search.