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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

iTestimony: iPad App for Witness Management

iTestimony is an app designed to help you keep your witness information handy and updated. It is developed by Scott Falbo of Front9 Technologies, developers of iJuror, the first app designed to assist with voir dire (see review).

If you've tried iJuror, the clean and simple interface will look familiar. Like the majority of apps available for lawyers, iTestimony serves a limited, but useful purporse -- keeping track of all of the witnesses in your case. 

While you’re not going to find a long list of things that this will do, it does a nice job at organizing information about your witnesses, and allows you to sort by a few basic parameters, including whose witness it is, how helpful they are to your case, and whether you still need to follow up on something with them. You can also add your own notes, as well as filling in fields such as name, occupation, and rating their importance to your case.

If you’re on a mission to save trees and/or stop carrying lots of books and legal pads, the iPad is probably something you’re using these days. iTestimony can help  in the reduction of legal pad use by keeping all of your witness info handy. This can be very helpful – especially in larger cases and long trials. And, you can email this info as a report.

Perhaps someday we’ll see apps that cover several related purposes in one app. But then, maybe that’s just part of the simplistic beauty of the iPad. In any event, iTestimony and iJuror would be a good set for a Trial Lawyer to have on their iPad.

iTestimony, $9.99 in the iTunes Store,available for iPad only


  1. Good effort, but no trial lawyer would care about rating a witness's "usefulness" or "jury impression" on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. And why would anyone pay $9.99 for what is essentially a way to list witness contact information? Overall, very disappointing.

    Front 9 would benefit from partnering with someone who practices law before creating any new apps.

    There is definitely a market for utilizing the iPad to streamline trial preparation, but Front9's apps offer no improvement over building a trial notebook in GoodReader with Word/Adobe.

    Rob Dean

  2. Hi Rob, thanks for the feedback. We work with a few attorneys including a prosecutor, defense attorney, and a general practice attorney that provide feedback/ideas for our apps.

    However, we certainly understand that each person has his or her own needs for an app. We'd be happy to take a look at updating iTestimony with any feature suggestions you may have.

    In fact, many of the updates that we've made to iJuror have been suggested by attorneys or paralegals that have purchased the app.

    We look forward to hearing any suggestions that you (or any of the many other readers of this blog) may have. We'll evaluate each of them for potential release in a future update to iTestimony.

    Scott Falbo

  3. for ijuror have you fixed where we can manipulate the seating of the jury??
    often court rooms uses a different numbering system.


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