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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Court Days Pro: iPad and iPhone App for Rules-Based Calendaring

Court Days Pro is a relatively clean and simple rules-based calendaring app for the iPad and iPhone. A review which focuses on the iPhone version of this app may be found on the iPhone J.D. blog. Once I got past the software use agreement and disclaimer (which appears the first time the app is launched), I found something that I would like to see from more developers – a set of sample data. Having sample data entries in apps such as this can assist you in quickly learning the app, and in getting your own data entered. And, in the case of Court Days Pro, this sample data doubles as a template, which may be customized to create your actual entries.

The app is a really neat calendaring aid, with automatic (but editable) calendar date triggers, based upon the California Code of Civil Procedure (for iPad rules app, see Litigator review). Although you can customize your date triggers, future updates will include the option to purchase additional rule sets for other jurisdictions (according to the developer, California attorney Dan Friedlander, who blogs at Law on my Phone). Interestingly, rather than outsource the development, Friedlander chose to learn the programming language. He shares his formula: “I basically bought two programming books and, over a period of two months, taught myself the programming language. A month later I had my first app for sale on iTunes.” This first app was Court Days, which did not include the Rules-based calendaring – it was all manually entered into a simple date calculator that determined the number of court days or calendar days from a date or between two dates. It did include court Holidays, as does Court Days Pro. You can also add local Holidays to your calendar.

You will find all of the most common litigation events included as templates, such as Answer, Complaint, Demurrer, Deposition, Discovery, Motion, and Summary Judgment.

Using the iPad's slot-machine roller-style interface, you can adjust the calendar date, details of the entry, or create a new custom event without using a template. Court Days Pro automatically calculates all related deadlines for filings, service, subpoenas, and motions, and you may export them to your iPad calendar.

You can also send a summary of your events and deadlines via and email report. There is a simple overview for each event, showing each date and event.

I expect to see the iPad and other tablet devices to become more powerful, and at a rapid pace, as the competition heats up. As hardware is developed to handle larger, more robust apps, I also expect to see vast improvements in app development across several platforms, approaching the “complete package” of today’s computer software programs, which could drive many small, “one-trick pony” apps into extinction. Until then, we will get by with a customized collection of apps, each for one or two tasks. If you’re interested in a well-designed method of keeping track of your court deadlines that easily travels with you, Court Days Pro is a good one to add to your collection.

Court Days Pro, Dan Friedlander, Law on My Phone $2.99

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  1. Thanks very much for the review. I've had the fortune of using a beta release of this app for a couple of weeks. A terrific feature of this app is the ability to automatically add the dates to the iPad (or iPhone) calendar by tapping on the arrow-in-the-box icon in the upper right hand corner.


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